Black horizon

**** In the eyes of mourning Fades the glowing light Of hope, faith and love. What remains will always be hidden Try harder,  all you’ll ever see is your golden heart. **** // good to be back with my short literary scatters. Hello, how is everyone? Been busy with life. I really wanna tell everyone […]

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Armour of God

You said You will find a way You said You can do all things You said You can do the impossible You said You will never leave me. I started out strong, with passion and optimism But things have auto-control in messing up I saw them rising, I saw me failing With one snap, my […]

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Lost Rainbows

Are we looking at the same skies Are we looking at the same stars Are we both trying Are we both crying. Speaking between the lines Speaking comforts to cover the lies Pain, regret Hope, love. Clueless of what could have Remorseless of what did we have No more games Only dying flames. Losing absence […]

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Lion Rose III 

Not all hearts like roses, others like it with thorns. You bring color  Unfortunately, I am colorblind. You bring sunshine Unfortunately, I don’t like light. You bring wisdom Unfortunately, I am stubborn. You bring enthusiasm Unfortunately, I don’t like laughing. You bring hope Unfortunately, I am closed. You bring rain Unfortunately, I don’t like water. […]

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What Breaks An Optimist

Your eyes mirror the colors of the rainbow My eyes reflect the heart of a widow Tell me where have I gone wrong Bless, I’ve been your martyr too long. In the dimmest of light your presence shines Wonders of your love caress strong lines Of peace, compassion  Of mania, obsession. Regret, fear and longing, […]

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Dati Rati

  May mga bagay talaga na kailangan magbago, kailangan eh. Masakit man, KAILANGAN. Dati kinakantahan mo ako bago matulog Ngayon ni text o tawag wala. Dati excited kang makita ako Ngayon mas busy kpa sa presidente ng pilipinas. Dati ngumingiti ka pa Ngayon lagi nlng nakabusangot. Dati may pakialam ka pa Ngayon wala na. Dati […]

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