Would the world hate? 

(A/N: Way back summer of 2015, I wrote this piece of undeniably rage post but I didn’t regret single word you read. I take responsibility for all of it.) Would the world hate me if it knew how massive is my hate to my parents? Would the world hate me when all I wanted to […]

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One random convo with a friend I will never forget for it brought too much emotions to me.  Me: Baka naman siguro nakakalimutan ko lang kung ga’no ko sya kamahal (maybe I just keep forgetting how much I love him) Her: Baka naman siguro nakakalimutan mo lang din kung ga’no ka niya kamahal (maybe you […]

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One Moment

 That one moment when I lost myself That one moment when my love begged me to bring back my old self That one moment when everything was so chaotic That one moment when I was oblivious and careless That one moment when I thought it was all worth it That one moment when I thought […]

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One Love, One Memory

Been afraid of the heights But my heart’s soaring like kites Light in me sparked like fireworks He got me with his boyish smirks. Gentle kisses the lover offered Oh, lovely nights are watered Can’t express this joyous feeling Can’t help it, I made him my king. Touch me and I ignite Oh great, he […]

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