The Pineapple Mystery

You’re the prose I long to write

You’re the words I fit in right

You’re the face that makes my days bright

Hold me, I will be your light.
Your mind is where I wrong to wander

Your hands as full as barrel of monkeys

You give me letters so hard to ponder

With keen eyes, you hand me the knife and draw me to the abyss.
Do you seek the flame from where we first met?

Do your heart desire my presence like the poles of a magnet?

Just like the stars hidden in the daylight you made me cry hues and fade

Corporate windows of vanity I used to open but now it turned into cussing blade.
It doesn’t stop bleeding

It doesn’t stop hoping

That tomorrow will be as bright as her fiery red chapstick

Or the cherry lips you vivaciously used to lick.
My old man’s wind reminds me of mind over heart

Mind ought to be running over the world that shines

Cranky and messy, I find your name in the colors chart

Engraved in a silvery but dangerous nines.
Revival of life has caught me wrecked

Regrets of the past enlightened the craters of the night

Crazy encounters healed and drugged me with meatballs and chicken

Some calls me the lost paradise, some calls me the pineapple mystery. 
Final words for you

Dead End for us

Gone is the feeling

Good bye, good bye.
(Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.)


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