My sleepless night routine

Oh well. I have been indulging myself into watching a lot of day/morning routines and night routines of popular youtubers. I know, I sound like a creeper. Whatever, I like to just sit down and watch how others live their lives!  Mine goes like this, the normal teenage night routine… Or so I thought! drink […]

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What is greater?

Recently, I have been in hiatus – be it on life and career. I have been travelling to the unknown. I never thought patience is one serious bi*ch I am having agony in dealing with. Lol what?  My everyday is full of long sighs and anxiety. Cant help but feel useless. I’m drowning. ****

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Dichotomy of Self

I am a walking zombie Yes, alive in body but sick and dead on the inside. I churn. I am a hypocrite Yes, hate the conformity but embraces it for self-search. I have skeletons(TONS) in my closet, Dare me not to spill it, I might talk about someone I used to know I am paranoid […]

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