My sleepless night routine

Oh well. I have been indulging myself into watching a lot of day/morning routines and night routines of popular youtubers. I know, I sound like a creeper. Whatever, I like to just sit down and watch how others live their lives! 

Mine goes like this, the normal teenage night routine… Or so I thought!

  1. drink milk ( I love milk!)
  2. brush teeth, wash face, pee (LOL)
  3. change into my pjs, put moisturizers in my face (I dont even understand myself but am smiling during putting it, I dont know dont ask!) and braid my hair
  4. hug my panda, hamster and penguin night stuff toys that are also sleeping with me in my bed. They’re my babies!
  5. when I am in my manic episode, I play upbeat music from my phone and dance silly while looking at the mirror I DONT KNOW I FEEL BEAUTIFUL 
  6. during my normal, tired loser days, I just drink vitamins and lay in bed watching youtube and stalking on twitter. Yes, I love stalking! I lowkey judge people based on their tweets haha jk. Maybe I do it just to update myself on how theyre doing so when we come across each other atleast I have so many topics to entertain us both
  7. WordPress-Twitter-Messenger. My night life (where’s the booze?)
  8. I get sleepy that fast especially when I hug my babies so I play my phone radio and set it beside me.
  9. During my sleeping turn, I used to imagine stuff I wish would/were happening in my life… INSTEAD I LIE AWAKE DREAMING UGH
  10. doze off, I cant afford any more panda eyes please

 BUT MOSTLY I SLEEP AT 3am no matter how early I go to bed 

So there you go my friends! What a lousy and cray type of night routine. Share yours too by dropping on my comments section! I’d love to know how you do your own. I might spice my own routine with your help 😉 SHARE PLEASE! 


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