Master of Masks

   Oh no!  Mask finally slipping off Dose of calmness wearing off What must be happening Lost thoughts are betraying Pickled-up emotions are already out in the open Can’t help my self from breaking I’m done! I’m done!  Mascara in my eyes are detangling Creating slivers of inexcusable loathing.  Monochromatic self in the mirror Reflection […]

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The Mantra for Soul

  I know we have our own story we tell to ourselves just to get by. We can’t be zombies in this life, after all. As for my own despair, this is my mantra in life I keep repeating to myself everyday. Yes, this is my usual optimistic mood. I really want to share it, […]

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Lemons of Life

   They say don’t listen to your inner devil speaking during 12am onwards… But could I listen even just for a while so that I could share what really speaks my mind? SO MANY THINGS LEFT UNSAID AND BETTER LEFT UNREPLIED. Life.  How come I say the words I don’t really mean? How come I […]

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Moon and You

   Moon, galaxy, twinkling stars, letters -Mix it all and you’ve got yourself some magical piece of mind’s eye.  Stay H&H! *winks* 📸: mine, I put my initials. This was made via Typorama! Such a good app for my thoughts) try it guys! 

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