Lemons of Life


They say don’t listen to your inner devil speaking during 12am onwards… But could I listen even just for a while so that I could share what really speaks my mind? SO MANY THINGS LEFT UNSAID AND BETTER LEFT UNREPLIED. Life. 

How come I say the words I don’t really mean?
How come I stay awake with this stab of death in my heart?
How come I regret nothing and still care for you?
How come I still want you even after the sexual banters I unwillingly accepted?
How come I swallow my pride and dive into some deeper level of hell?
How come I have several cuts and scars that you can never heal?
How come I don’t understand why giving is much more relevant than receiving?
How come I am still hurting and waiting to be more hurt?
How come I am pulling a smile when I can’t even solve my life rubics?
How come God allows me to suffer?
How come life fucks me more than I fuck?



[2am thoughts w/ Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” playing on the radio. Driving me back to sleep.]

📸 : weheartit

// thank you for taking your time to read and feel free to leave comments! I highly appreciate it! I’d also love to collab with you guys about stories and poems! Stay H&H! God bless!

(c) Typingletter 2016


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