The Mantra for Soul


I know we have our own story we tell to ourselves just to get by. We can’t be zombies in this life, after all. As for my own despair, this is my mantra in life I keep repeating to myself everyday. Yes, this is my usual optimistic mood. I really want to share it, I might help someone by making them recite this to themselves whether they’re alone at night or riding on a bus burden-filled. To you, keep smiling. Do it for yourself, you deserve that smile.

Mantra (to be recited on thy own or by group if wanted to):

“Don’t cry, my little child. Everything happens for a reason. Be strong for what to come and be critical for what to think. Lay down all your burdens and silently pour all your pain as the Earth tries to absorb it and eventually turn those negative energies to a positive and brighter future. Disengage your anger in order to have a clean heart that will carry forgiveness. Kiss your fears behind so that the courage will walk with you every step of your way. Pray until it hurts, love until it dies. Hope until it lasts, push until it ends.”


// I hope I saved a life with my random publishing of my mantra in life. I’d love to hear your stories. It keeps me inspired to write. So long, friends. 🙂 Stay H&H! God bless!

image: mine 

© 2015 



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