Life Hacks: the poem

Do I ever wonder where would my ship sail to after the storm?

every pirate inside us 

Optimism is my drive,
Happiness is what I drive.
Satisfaction is what in mind
All of these in God I find.

Crazy world dressing up madness,
Pretenders building up finesse,
Innocent flowers getting hopeless
Mediocres spreading greediness.

Keep your hopes above
But stay your feet on the ground
The world is getting ugly, and,
I’m searching for my purpose endlessly. 

If there were awards for overthinkers
I’d dangle it all for I acquire the greatest
If my critical mind and obsession immerse
Hop on, we are due for a quest.

Finish the last straw
Cry the deepest blue
Set your own law
Make those dreams alive and true.


// It’s been a while since my last update. This poem had been with me for several weeks and I felt like I needed to finish it. So here it is, though, for additional info, a friend I met on Twitter had helped me finish this one. Btw, he was really great with words and check his Twitter account for some meaningful and deep mix of lines! 

Take care! Stay H&H! 

All rights reserved 2016


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