*plays Hurricane by Halsey in the background* 🎧

She is the modern Mary Magdalene
Burnt out for all the mistakes to keep her lover clean
From the aura of destruction
All she needs is a resurrection.

She is the cheapest dream
With her dirty paws she can pounce
Can’t seem to make herself wake up
Lovely bones are scattered on the floor.

She is the cracking puzzle
Broken yet born to dazzle
No one can judge her but God
Though her choices in life are downright mad.

She is the book of secrets
Her eyes cry defenseless bullets
No wonder she’s in the hiding
Of all things mentioned, her romance with life is winding.

She is the unparalleled mystery
From the unknown to the obvious
You can never keep track
Windows to her soul, always closed.

She is the distressed Mona Lisa
The reason why men of ages lie
To redeem the love of society
All she does is show her smile.

She is the blackest of feathers
Her wings never fly so high
Despite her panoramic view
Humbled and flawed and limited she sees.

She is no Queen Cleopatra
She is no Mother Teresa
She is no Wonderwoman
She is no one.

// all rhymed; just the way I liked it. This poem just held a big space in my heart. I was aiming to create one like it and fortunately, mind cooperated. Hoorah! Thank you for reading. Stay H&H! 📝

📸: weheartit

© 2016


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