Something’s missing

I desperately want to connect with someone, not just catching-up type of connection but the 2-am shift of mood into gloomy-but-hopeful kind of connection. 

I know it was mainly my fault that people get distant and unapproachable. I made it. I made the wall that divides them from I! Oh well, I have to suffer the consequences. It wasn’t really regretful because at some points of it I found myself thankful that I happened to be discovering myself and my endeavors in life all by myself. No pre-advices from irrelevant people shoving their pseudo-relevant opinions up my mouth. No. I won’t live to impress nor please you. I’ve understood my motivation, inspiration and drives in life so now I’m ready to wheel myself to success. 

I’ve read my friend’s blog about doing the 100-day writing/blogging challenge. It was awesome and fun to read. And so, I’ve been inspired to make my own. I would like to accept the challenge. I’m not into storytelling parts of my daily life, per se. But this time I want to challenge myself to be more assertive of what I’ve been feeling lately. It could work as my therapy to moving on. Yay! 

Share your thoughts. 🙂


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