Day 1

I’ve been listening to songs about broken heart and unrequited love. It’s not my nature but I find comfort and solace in listening to it especially that my heart is now shattered into million pieces by my first love. Oops, not that I don’t want to share but I like to swallow the pain all by myself. And so I’ve been doing. 

Songs of particular artists such as Adele, Coldplay, Selena Gomez, The Script, Birdy, Theory of a Deadman, and some of the same drop of genre make me overthink of times when I am with him alongside with all the memories that make my heart swell. I’ve been wallowing into darkness as to where I lacked, when I stopped showing my love for him, or how it happened that he dropped me that easy. I just want to cry, is all. Sometimes, my optimism fights its way to my thoughts to spread good vibes and joyful reasons. Sometimes, it works like gold. Sometimes, it rusts like metal. 

// snap: weheartit 

// credits to Awres, the Great who inspired me to try the self-imposed 100-day challenge in which I  happened to be in my day 1 of 100. You’re a blessing! 

// stay H&H! God bless! 


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