Day 3: Eight-Word Stories

These short stories kick back to different stories I’ve heard from different people whose lives are perfected with failures, hardwork and prayers.

Essentially, these became my simple pleasures in life I choose to stick with:

Someday, all your pain will be your tattoo.


Take pride of the sacrifices of your parents.


Everything will work out, it has to be.


Choose the path that excites and scares you.


Appear confident even when things are falling apart.


If things get uncomfortable, pray and let God.


It is okay to feel lost and insecure.


Eat ice cream even in your non-cheat days.


Be bold, curious and weird… Just be yourself.


Who will love and support you now, love?


Hot tears flowing from my eyes. I’m fine.


People only want to know the good things.


Life hack you should never forget: be patient.


Be the strongest soldier the world has seen.


// do you have your own eight-word poetry to share? Comment below! 🙂

// stay H&H! God bless! 


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