What Breaks An Optimist

Your eyes mirror the colors of the rainbow
My eyes reflect the heart of a widow
Tell me where have I gone wrong
Bless, I’ve been your martyr too long.

In the dimmest of light your presence shines
Wonders of your love caress strong lines
Of peace, compassion 
Of mania, obsession.

Regret, fear and longing, you made me dance the triad
Watered the flowers with blood
You watched my heart gone freeze
You stained my world with a bucket of miseries.

Living with a constricted heart
Dying everyday with no one to watch her
Clinging to the fact that she is no art
Blue skies make her death better. 

© 2016


// it’s been months since I last wrote in here and it feels amazing and completely peaceful to share my thoughts before 2016 ends

// I dedicate this to a great friend who I’m friends with despite us not seeing each other for quite awhile because busy schedule sticking up our asses. I love her to bits and she’s been one of my backbones when times are hard. Hi, Awres 🙂 

// I love everything about this poem because it was the one thing that held me together when I was in my moving on stage. I am a self-proclaimed resilient and a true-blue optimist so it was such a challenging year for me to finish this one. Hope you like it!

// also, I am a first year medical student so I was struggling a lot lately with my adjustments in my schoolworks and some interpersonal relationships, mind you, my spiritual relationship also had altered but I am on the process of reviving my strong foundation of faith. 

// talk to me, just post someof your thoughts in the comments section below and I’d be ecstatic to reply your message! Stay H&H! More literary pieces to come in 2017! Ciao! 


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