Armour of God

You said You will find a way
You said You can do all things
You said You can do the impossible
You said You will never leave me.

I started out strong, with passion and optimism
But things have auto-control in messing up
I saw them rising, I saw me failing
With one snap, my mind turned black. 

No compassion for Your people 
No mercy has been shown
No love has been grown
But only chaos, war and misunderstandings.

With small hope and giant tears in my eyes, please give me faith
Give me peace in my heart
That in all things Your name will always be glorified
That You are good and Your love is great. 


© 2017
// is God bigger than anything?

// is our God stronger than our fears?

// is our God faithful to His promises?

// I bet He is. His ways are higher than ours. His thoughts are greater than ours. Praise Him! ✝️💟

// my first time to ever dedicate a poem to our almighty God, creator of all and author of wisdom. 


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