Anon is my #1 name

It is one of my advocate to write what’s in my mind. All I want in this world is others to read my thoughts without prior judgment nor criticism because they know me by name. Some of my posts might make you uncomfortable due to confused content or form, but I assure you that whatever your understanding of it would not create any harm on my part since everyone is entitled to their own opinions. However, as I am constructing this brief description about myself I realized that I would love to remain anonymous. I would like to be known as the “Typingletter” because seriously speaking, my domain name has rooted a deeper meaning than it is supposed to. 

There are primary things you need to know about me, at least for now.

1. I have this unconditional love for PANDA and CATS!

2. Poetry and words are my deepest soul outlet. It is my doxology in life.

3. I am a walking smile. 🙂

4. I am the moon of my sun.

5. Watermelon gives me life, so are oranges and cucumber!

6. I am an introvert-optimist and so there are day that sharing even the tiniest bit of information about me needs to be pumped outta me by the use of food bribery or magic charms. Whatever works. 

// if you want to reach me on my social media, just leave me a comment sharing your email/contact details so that I could get back on you and we could talk about stuff (Anything that is under the sun from a-z). Don’t worry, I don’t bite. All I do is smile and laugh. I welcome IDEAS & SHARED LIFE STORIES. I also like to get some inspiration out of others and add it to my soul’s food. Stay H&H! God bless!

(c) Typingletter. MCS. 2016.


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